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Trunk Style Briefs in Triple Threat Stripe by Wood Underwear

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Size: Small


Date Night Ready Fit. Function. Fashion. It's a Triple Threat - Wood Trunk.

Wood Trunk is a perfect option for your wardrobe- great feel, the right amount of coverage and a super sexy look too. A black ground with e-LONG-ating pinstripes in blues and purples are timeless and classy. Confidence building? Absolutely.

Wood fabrics are built for comfort. Wood's Lenzing TENCEL™ Modal cotton blend gives you the look you want, the feel you need and the performance you deserve. 

It's a perfect pair when you want the leg but without all the extra fabric of a longer version. It's a great addition to your wardrobe - slimmer fit pants, higher temperatures, an amazing look. This is your go-to.

No bind in the waistband. In fact, you won't feel it. An incredibly versatile style.

Performs well for even the longest day's wear and washes up easily. Machine wash cool with like colors. Tumble dry low heat.

43% Modal, 52% cotton, 5% elastane.

You'll love this.

Look around. Women have....well, everything. Men have ‘big-box-store-cheap-unstylish-3-packs’ or an ‘only-if-I’m-gonna-get-lucky-$40-special’. No longer. Now, there is Wood Underwear®.

What’s the story? It’s brief. Quite frankly, men don't have enough options...especially compared to women's options for shopping.

Admit it: you heard “Wood” & started to riff. Right? They wanted a name to have fun & grow with. Being outdoor people, a link with beach, ocean & snow sports was natural. It embodies their brand:  fun, keep-it-real, aspiration to push further no matter your age, sport, or level. It’s also about fashion, or their slightly irreverent take on it.

Wood wants to get every man into a great pair of underwear that he can feel and look fabulous in....and feel great about the price as well. Underwear is an afterthought for many men, or you never think about it at all.  You should. The clothes you wear will feel that much better if you have the right underwear. AND, whoever has to look at you in them will thank you too.

Wood aims to make great underwear that is approachable & accessible, at the right price point so you can feel comfortable buying & wearing it. The brand brings you in, the product brings you back.

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