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Newsboy Classic Shetland Check Wool Cap in Blue by Wigens

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Color: Blue Shetland Check
Blue Shetland Check
Size: 58


Newsboy Classic cap handcrafted from 100% virgin wool, in a Shetland Check pattern, from the Wigéns 'Archive Line'.

About Wigéns' 'Archive Line': "We have looked through our archives of exclusive, carefully selected fabrics. Timeless in style but limited in our warehouse. A celebration to our heritage and a way to save resources by using old stock for new products".

  • Eight pieces
  • Mid curved peak
  • Self band back
  • Cotton flannel lining
  • Material: 100% virgin wool


The name stems from the boys who worked selling newspapers on the streets at the end of the late 1800s. But the truth is that the cap was used by more than just "newsboys". All men, especially from the working class, could be seen wearing this cap type during the heyday of the early 20th century. It has a rounder, more generous and bolder shape than, for example, the Ivy cap since it’s sewn with several triangular pieces of fabric and has a button in the middle. An iconic design with urban attitude which is perfect if you are inspired by the retro style of the TV series Peaky Blinders. The rule of thumb is that the slim models fit best with narrower faces, and the classic models fit best with rounder faces.


In 1906, Oscar Wigén founded Wigéns, a high quality & tailored hat and cap producer. A bespoken expertise within the company both of design and producing. The reason for the Wigéns success has been the same for more than 100 years and the factors are: High quality, the best fitting, timeless fashion and their own factory. Wigéns are proud producers of the best caps and hats in the world.

The pieces are strictly hand-made from the first detail to the last, all manufactured by Wigéns own production. The exact fit is the result of still using wooden blocks and a hand finish on each cap, which gives an exact and unique fit, and the fact that Wigéns is using only the best fabrics from high quality European weavers.

The final stage is the quality control before delivery. Just as in beginning of Wigéns history, the finishing must carefully follow instructions from the design department that are well thought out and elaborated.

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