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Massie Tote in Seven Hills Umber by Moore & Giles

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The Massie pays homage to an elegantly worn, decades old tote carried by Lynchburg artist and McKinnon and Harris co-founder, Anne Massie. We've admired this multi-purpose carryall for years and couldn't help but to showcase such a compelling example of classic style and relaxed sophistication.

On Moore & Giles' version, large, unbroken panels of leather create a near bottomless bag though its simple straps and minimalist style keep things light and easy to carry. In the spirit of its predecessor, this is a bag that will only get more beautiful over time.

About the 7 Hills Leather Collection - Local, Sustainable. Exceptional.

Introducing the Seven Hills Collection. The story begins in Lynchburg, Virginia, known as the City of Seven Hills. Every hide in this collection was sourced from small farms that, like Moore & Giles, have called Virginia home for decades. The quality and allure of the collection is matched by the sustainability and singularity of this locally sourced leather.

  • Domestically-produced vegetable tanned leather
  • Solid brass hardware, including exclusive Seven Hills zipper pulls
  • Designed for timeless style and hand-sewn for durability

Moore & Giles partnered with Seven Hills Abattoir, a local processor who provides premium beef to restaurants throughout Virginia, to reimagine their byproduct as an unrealized asset and divert it from our local landfill.

The hides were instead transported to St. Louis, where they were transformed into leather by Hermann Oak Leather in the same vats and vegetable tannage used to tan the harnesses supplied to westward-moving wagon trains starting in 1881.

For the inaugural Seven Hills collection Moore & Giles chose a few of their best-sellers: designs that are timeless, showcase this ambitiously-crafted leather and, like all of their pieces, are impeccably made. This collection underscores the vital environmental role leather tanning plays and is a reminder that sustainability, while not always convenient, is worth the effort you put in.

“The hide starts off as a waste material—a by-product of the meat industry. The fact that we can divert it from landfills and turn it into something beautiful and long-lasting is an important story to tell. I’ve been in this business 30 years and this project stands out as one of the proudest moments in my career ” — SACKETT WOOD, CEO, MOORE & GILES


  • 15.75"W x 14"H x 7.75"D
  • Weight: 2.8 lbs

      About Moore & Giles

      Founded in 1933, in Lynchburg, Virginia, Moore & Giles is dedicated to designing and developing the most innovative and luxurious natural leathers. They craft a collection of luxury leather bags, accessories, and home goods to showcase the inherent beauty and timeless appeal of their natural leathers.

      Moore & Giles is committed to exercising faithful corporate citizenship through compliance with all environmental laws and regulations. Minimal impact to air, water, and land by their practices and activities is the ultimate measure of their success

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