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Know Your (Alashan) Cashmere!

Know Your (Alashan) Cashmere!

If you haven't purchased a sweater or throw made by Alashan Cashmere, you're in for a real treat when you do! Alashan Cashmere is synonymous with luxury and quality. Let me introduce you to this exquisite material:

Alashan Cashmere Co offers a range of luxury items. Their collection features a wide array of colors and styles, including sweaters, scarves, and home products

What is Alashan Cashmere?

  • The name Alashan refers to an area in western Inner Mongolia, China.
  • This region is the literal home to the world’s finest cashmere and camel hair due to a combination of climatic, geographic, and dietary conditions. Garments made from Alashan fiber have an unrivaled softness and handle.

Men’s Cashmere Collection:

Cashmere Home Goods:

  • Alashan Cashmere throws offer unparalleled luxury with their exquisite softness and warmth, making them the epitome of comfort and elegance for any home decor.
  • Crafted with the finest cashmere fibers, Alashan throws exude timeless sophistication, inviting you to indulge in a cocoon of opulence and relaxation.
  • A thoughtful and luxurious gift that promises to be cherished for years to come.

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