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Natural Badger Shaving Brush in Malachite Green by St. James of London

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These bespoke Italian-made brushes were first introduced in the Fall of 2017. Each brush is benchmade in Italy using old world craftsmanship dating back to 1908. We offer six distinct color options for the handle, all of which contain Super badger hair for excellent water absorption and retention. 

  • Loft 58mm
  • Handle 54mm
  • Height 112mm
  • Knot 21mm
  • Made in Italy

How to properly care for your badger hair brush:

With the proper attention, a badger hair brush should provide you with a quality lather for several years.

  1. Lather lightly without pressure.
  2. After use, rinse thoroughly and remove all excess moisture. Never boil the brush.
  3. Leave in open air to dry out. Never enclose a damp brush.
  4. Periodically soak and rinse out to loosen build-up.


The beginning...
It was the dawning of a new era in 1953, when all of Great Britain had raised itself up from the ruins of the second World War and a newly crowned young Queen symbolized peace and prosperity. This time gave way to much progress, innovation and a new way of life, one of euphoria and confidence. It was in this watershed year the St James of London brand of all-natural men’s grooming products premiered, bringing to light a higher level of shaving regimen for men.

And today...
In the fall of 2013 and after a decade-long dormancy, the St James of London brand was acquired by a private owner. It was during this time the now privately-held brand resurrected itself and re-launched in 2014 with new, modern fragrances using the same original formulas from 1953. We continue to make our products in small-batches to insure perfect quality & consistency. Today, St James of London grace the shelves of the world’s best haberdashers, barbershops and resorts and considered to be among the best shaving and fragrance products in the world. 

We sincerely thank you for supporting a small business and for sharing a passion for healthy skincare, grooming & fragrance products.

About the Brand

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