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Royal Pillow Cases (2 Pack) by Royal Highnies

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Pillowcase Size: Standard

In case you were searching for the ultimate night’s sleep, Royal Highnies has created luxury pillowcases from our famously soft 400 thread-count Pima cotton cloth. Generously cut for either Standard or King sizes, the cases feature navy trim and the Royal Highnies logo. Make sure to order one for everyone in the family to avoid a family pillow fight royale.


  • Two pillow cases per order
  • Sized for either Standard or King
  • Handmade
  • 100% long-staple Pima cotton makes the fabric softer, stronger, and more durable
  • 400 thread-count lends a silky-soft feel and noticeable substance to the cloth
  • Proprietary sateen finish makes the cloth cool to the touch and slightly luminous
  • Our premium cloth grows softer with every wash, offering comfort that will last for years
  • Machine wash warm, do not bleach, tumble dry low, no red socks

The story began as a quest to create the perfect boxer short. We viewed it as locating the perfect home for the family jewels.              

It needed a custom home, handmade, including a spacious ballroom with full seating and a sturdy front entrance so that no one slips out unexpectedly. 

This home should be built with the finest 400 thread count Pima cotton with virtually no shrinkage (on our part).

Through the years we have grown to include loungewear extraordinaire for the entire family.

So behold! We present to you the Royal Highnies. The only place that deserves to house all the family jewels.

Our loungewear has been personally tried and tested for over 20 years on family, friends, acquaintances and a few rock stars.

Enjoy your Royal Highnies experience. 

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