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Mansfield Captoe Deerskin Boot in Mahogany by T.B. Phelps


Shoe Size

The Mansfield Deerskin Boots are a perfect blend of modern style with classic accents and origins. The ultra comfortable Deerskin leather is known for providing comfort all day long, quickly making this a favorite. The Town & Country Mini Grid Leather/Rubber Outsole is build for all terrains, proving perfect for all seasons.

T.B. Phelps celebrates Classic American Style. Their footwear and accessories feature the highest quality materials and craftsmanship while highlighting traditional, classic designs. They produce leather products with skilled craftsmen using age old techniques. Their hand-sewn shoes are wet-lasted to the shoe forms and then carefully hand stitched one pair at a time. The leathers for the top and sides of each shoe are cut by cross-linking the leather fibers for a shoe that fits and wears well. Each part used to make the shoes is pattern-matched for a beautiful finished product.