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Brown Nut Dublin Leather Duffle Bag by Hooks Crafted Leather Co

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Our duffle bags are perfect for anything from weekend trips to long vacation use.  This bag complements and provides a luxurious look that's perfect for your trip.  Stay organized with help from an inside pocket that provides easy access for convenience and security on the go.  This duffle bag also provides plenty of space for carrying your personal clothes and other essentials. 

  • One side pocket inside
  • Zipper closure
  • 100% Dublin leather

What is Horween Leather?
Our products are made with Horween Leather. Horween is a fifth-generation American-owned company that has been offering the highest quality leather with wide range of tannages. We strive to provide the best quality and that starts with leather.

About Hooks Crafted Leather Co
We are a lifestyle leather goods brand based in Kingsland, GA, where products are completely handmade in our workshop. While locals shop, they can see us hand crafting every product.

Matt Hooks is the owner and founder. In 2018, he decided to pursue his dream for leather work and started his own business in a small shed at his house. He was hand-sewing his leather goods in 2016 before officially starting Hooks Leather and learned to use a sewing machine in 2020. In March 2021, he opened his first storefront in Kingsland, GA.

We are a leather goods company that is 100% handmade in the USA. Our products are crafted by skilled hands and overseen by craftsmen with over a decade of experience in leather working. We're not only craftsmen, we're artists.

About the Brand

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