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Black, Blue, and Grey Paisley Silk Jacquard Cummerbund and Bow Tie Set by Dion

WZ65210_2 TYS
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Size: Regular
Bow Tie Style: Tie-Your-Own


Black, blue, and grey paisley pure silk jacquard cummerbund and bow tie set. Choose from a tie-it-yourself or a pre-tied bow tie style.


  • Regular: fits up to a 43" waist
  • X-Large: fits from a 43" to 50" waist
  • XX-Large: First a 50"+ waist. When placing your order, please specify your waist size at its widest point, and the cummerbund will be made-to-order.

100% silk jacquard.

Please note: Some sizes may be custom made. Please allow 1-2  weeks for your set to arrive.

Dion Neckwear's handcrafted ties evoke a sense of style and refinement. For more than 50 years Dion has used the highest quality fabrics for its delicate and intricate designs. Dion's distinctive color combinations accentuate any man's individuality. Derived from Dionysus, the god of wine in Greek mythology, who portrayed the mantra of "living life to the fullest," the Dion wearer reflects this same philosophy. 

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