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8 Wale Luxury Italian Corduroy Pant in Charcoal (Hampton Plain Front) by Berle

196-59 HA
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Size: 32
Rise: Regular Rise


Even for those who are not in the garment business, corduroy is an unmistakable fabric. The ridges that you no doubt associate with corduroy are known as wales, and they give the fabric the unique feel that allows it to stand out from the rest. With Berle's luxury Duca Visconti Italian corduroy, you can count on a comfortable, luxurious experience.

At its most basic, corduroy is a fabric weave that incorporates twisted yarns to produce a thick, ribbon-like structure. These small “cords” running down the side of the fabric make it easy to spot. The textured, warm feel to the fabric is just as unmistakable.

Corduroy is often considered a “cousin” of velvet, though velvet is usually much more expensive because it’s produced from silk. Corduroy, however, is usually produced with cotton, which in addition to lowering the price offers a comfortable touch.

If you enjoy cotton fabrics for your various articles of clothing, these corduroy pants are sure to be a winner in your book. Made from 100% cotton, you’ll enjoy everything that this classic material provides. 


  • Luxurious 8 Wale 100% Cotton Corduroy
  • Fabric Sourced from the World Renowned Duca Visconti Mill in Milan, Italy
  • Flat Front 
  • Regular Rise (11") 
  • Traditional Fit: Sits Straight on the Hips and Thighs
  • Fabric Weight: 13 oz.
  • 100% Cotton
  • Dry Cleaning Recommended 
  • Unfinished Bottom


    • Plain Front
    • REGULAR RISE: 11″ (measured from the top of the waistband to the crotch seam)
    • THIGH: 27 1/8"
    • KNEE : 21"
    • BOTTOM : 17 1/4″
    • Sizing is based on a pant size 34

    After immigrating to the United States from Poland in the early 1900s, brothers Philip and Hyman Berlinsky opened New York Tailors, a men's clothing store, on King Street in historic Charleston, S.C. Philip, who was considered a master of his trade and who could work miracles with a needle and thread, often custom-made pants upon request from his customers. After World War II ended in 1946, the brothers decided to open their own trouser manufacturing company. They named the company Berle Manufacturing, which they considered to be an appropriate abbreviation of Berlinsky.

    Eventually, the brothers decided to separate the retailing and the manufacturing sides of the business and split them amongst the family. Hyman and his family took over New York Tailors, while Philip and his four sons, Maurice, Herbert, Danny and Norman went with Berle.

    A discovery by Philip's son, Herbert, put the company in league with major trouser manufacturers. While on a trip to Florence, S.C., Herbert heard about a new model of trousers that all the young boys were requesting. It was called an “up flaps model,” instead of the traditional “down flaps” model. He had a tailor there make him a pair and brought them back to Charleston where they took off and became one of the hottest models sold in the Southeast for the next 10 years.

    Today, the company is run by the 4th generation of family who possess an in depth knowledge of the fashion retail industry. The commitment to deliver fashionable, comfortable and quality apparel is still as strong today as it was when the company was founded.

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